About Oliver

The town of Oliver is located in BC’s southern Okanagan, 20 km north of the USA border. The southern Okanagan is part of the Sonora desert which runs south all the way to Mexico which explains the extreme climate. Mild winters and hot dry summers boast temperatures averaging 10 degrees Celsius and above 7 months of the year.

The town’s permanent population of 4824 with an additional 4000+ people that live in the surrounding rural area. The town swells in the summers when many tourists flock to the area to enjoy the warm climate that allows for a robust agriculture and viticulture industry of tree fruit orchards and wineries. Much of the population are permanent residents working in this industry or the robust tourism industry that fuels the region. Manufacturing, health care, and the service industry make up a portion of the employment in the area as well.


The Forbes Property

The Forbes property is located at Co-op Ave and Sawmill Rd on Oliver’s riverfront. It is 7.24 acres that was of agricultural land that has been designated for high density residential growth within the town limits. The property is a 5-minute walk or 3-minute drive to town services and amenities, and borders the Okanagan River which boasts the International Hike/Bike trail.

Featuring an access point to the International biking and walking trail adjacent to the property, directly behind the Kinsman Playground and Water Park, residents can explore nature along the trail as well as several oxbows and ponds where you can observe ducks, herons, eagles, and painted turtles in their natural environment.


Oliver/Osoyoos Wineries